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Journey! Journey! Journey!

Why I started My Fitness Journey!

Let’s be real! Some of us are fit and some of us are well... the opposite! I wasn't always as fit, healthy and physically strong as I am today, and to be honest, I am still working towards a healthier lifestyle every day. It was my journey with Type 2 Diabetes, COVID and actually caring about my body that I discovered how powerful a tool fitness is — and why I chose to take my life back through fitness!

My fitness journey started in 2018! 2019! And again in 2020! Yes, it took me several attempts and experiences to really start to make a change. You would think that being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2018 would have made me change sooner rather than later. The reality was though being diagnosed with diabetes was one of the most life changing things that I’ve ever experienced, it wasn’t the catalyst for change. The real life changing event was COVID-19. COVID forced me to look at my reality; lack of physical activity, poor diet and very poor decisions when it came to my overall health.

I will never forget the day I said to myself, “Trenity, you cannot sit at home and just let yourself go!” The day was March 17th 2020. It was the day my job decided to go full remote due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. March 18th 2020 I literally changed my life. I tossed every unhealthy food item I had and signed up for a gym membership. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also knew I had no choice but to try. Try to have a better diet. Try to be more active. Simply, try to have an overall healthier lifestyle.

I look back on my Journey from March of 2020 to now and I am amazed at my progress. I still have work to do but look how far I have come! I took my life back! I kicked Diabetes butt! I feel better! I am better! In my next blog post, I will talk about my experience with Type 2 Diabetes and how I took control of my health by developing better and healthier eating habits!

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